I have never had an accountant or an accounting system, all my invoices are in boxes unorganized, I have not paid taxes for a while. Can you 'straighten out' my business?

Yes, we have people specialized in 'cleaning and restructuring'. We will open your boxes, enter the invoices, the payments from your check book, tie everything to your bank statements, going back years if necessary. Then we can look at the tax problem and resolve it. Finally, we can help you to organize and set up systems for your business - and you will not make these mistakes again.

How do you set your fees?

Our service fees are based on three things: your annual revenue level, number of employees, volume. Also, we may be able to offer you the option to choose between an hourly-based fee schedule or a fixed monthly price service package. We usually try to offer both options and let you decide.

How would my service cost change if I add on services?

If you chose the fixed priced service package, we may revisit the pricing. If you have an hourly rate structure, depending on your newly added services, your hourly rate structure may not change at all.

Can I pay with a credit card? It gives me an additional few weeks before I truly have to pay.

Yes, we welcome card payments and encourage our Clients to use their cards — it's an excellent way to help you track your expenses.

I am working on a government grant application - can you assist me with costing?

Absolutely! The Virtual Corporate Services is just one of the several services our consulting firm offers. Please visit our firm website and let us know how we can assist you to reach your goals.

I just won a government grant. Can you do virtual cost accounting to meet government accounting standards?

Yes, we can. We have government cost accounting specialists who can assist you with cradle-to-grave grant and contract management services. Please visit our firm website.

Do I have access to my records?

Absolutely! You have total access to everything we do; you have instant access to your books, payroll records, copies of invoices...

I need a high-level financial specialist to talk to my Board Members about our financial health. Can you help?

It would be our pleasure!. We can prepare you a PowerPoint presentation, written report or we could also attend your meeting to present your financial picture and to answer questions.

My needs are changing. I had virtual corporate office services but now I would prefer my specialist from your company to come to my headquarters 2 days a week to work from here. Is that possible?

We provide virtual as well as traditional consulting services and our staff is not tied to either. If you need to see your virtual accountant who has taken care of your business in your office from now on, we can certainly do that.

Do you have any unanswered questions?

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