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New technology has a lot of solutions to offer, and not only to big businesses; however, most sole proprietors and small businesses do not even consider using one of the most obvious choices: going virtual for the majority of non-core business functions.


Our accountants are picking up all of your bookkeeping and tax-related tasks.

You just make sure you email, scan, or fax your bills to us or put your bills in your folder in the cloud. With your approval, these bills will all be paid electronically on your behalf, without cutting a single check. Client invoices will be sent out as well by either email or mail, and may even offer your clients the option of making an electronic payment.

Payments that are made by check can be deposited to your bank account quicker than you could get to your car. Accountants can process your payroll, take care of your payroll taxes, prepare W-2s, 1099s, and prepare and file all your corporate taxes in a timely manner.

At the end of the month (and at year-end) they could perform closing, including but not limited to bank reconciliations, credit card reconciliations, amortization schedule updates, review of certain reports, and other accounting functions as needed. Additionally, your financial position at month-end is personally discussed with you - as part of the service, included in our fees.
An HR professional can be used as needed.

From posting a job and pre-screening resumes before sending you the ones that could qualify, to providing new employee orientations, and advising managers on HR matters, we can assist any small business. A benefit specialist can find you basic and supplemental benefit packages to meet your needs. Also, we can assist with preparing an Employee Handbook, or advice on other employee matters.
This is a very diverse group of people to provide you with a sort of concierge service (we just do not like the word “concierge” since we are not in the hospitality industry).

They handle any “out-of-the-ordinary” requests – the things you would like to do but have no time to. Such requests might be comparing au pair agencies because you are expecting a baby. Or you would like to organize a surprise birthday party for your partner’s 50 th birthday but you are too busy to make it happen. You may also have elderly parents who need assistance with day-to-day activities. The WishTeam can also make sure that the local grocery store delivers food to your family while you are on the road. We can organize a business breakfast session in a local hotel, or your daughter’s wedding on a cruise ship. The group can make travel arrangements (both business and pleasure) or take care of the holiday cards (from ordering to mailing them out). You have the “wish” - the WishTeam makes it happen.
A lot of small businesses apply for government grants.

When a client business is awarded with a grant or a government contract, we are there to assist you being in full compliance with government account regulations. We can assist you to make sure you have a cost-accounting system in place, or prepare your negotiated incurred cost rate agreement with the appropriate agency. As time goes by, we can assist with resubmission, financial reporting, budgeting, costing. Making sure you are in full compliance not only gives our clients a peace of mind, but it also allows them to successfully apply for the next grant or contract. We have specialists working with government grants and contracts for over 20 years to assist our clients.
Our business consultants are there for you when you need

costing, forecasting, cost proposal preparation assistance, NICRA submission, just to mention a few services they can provide you with. This type of service can be offered as a fixed fee or on an hourly fee basis. We have seasoned professionals in government accounting, contracting, business strategy building. We can help our client look at the big picture and make the business operate the most effective and efficient way to reach your business and profit objectives.
When you start your new business, a well-crafted web page is a must-have. We recognize that needs and budgets may differ, so our prices are matched to the task.

We can assist you from the very beginning with domain registration, setting up a corporate email box, getting server space. When it comes to a web page design, our prices are very competitive and our turnover time is probably one of the quickest. Just to give you an idea: the web site you are reading right now (myvirtualcorporate.com) was done from scratch, and up on the internet in 48 hours.

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Having all or most of the non-core business functions handled virtually can be the answer for most solo practitioners and small firms in meeting their clients' pricing expectations and their own profit objectives.